Outdoor burning in Clark County is allowed outside of city limits and urban growth boundaries. The burning season is October 1st through July 15th, unless specific weather conditions prevent it. You can pick up a permit at our Amboy office or download one here. Outdoor burning is regulated by Clark County Fire Marshal and Southwest Clean Air Agency. For more information, click on their links below: 

For silviculture burn permits contact Department of Natural Resources at 360-577-2025.

What can I burn?
Permitted materials include only natural vegetation and a small amount of paper to initiate burning. The burn pile may only be up to 10 feet in diameter. The fire must be attended until the burn area is cool to the touch. 
Burn Barrels are not allowed in Clark County
Burn barrels were banned statewide in 2000. They are very inefficient at burning and create toxic gasses. If you are found burning in a burn barrel, a fine could be issued by the Fire Marshal,Southwest Clean Air and Department of Ecology.
Escaped Burn Pile
Please use caution while burning. We have had several escaped burn piles during our East winds. Some of our departments largest grass/brush fires have occurred during the winter. Burning during East winds is not allowed with DNR burn permits. Please error on the side of caution and not start any burn piles if East winds are occurring or forecasted to occur.